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Appliance Repair  | Scratch & Dent Appliances

Aside from being Royston’s premier appliance store, Scratch & Dent Appliances also provides customers with appliance repair and parts service.

Discount Appliances | Scratch & Dent Appliances

Scratch & Dent Appliances is Royston’s premier discount appliance store. A lot of these discount appliances are disordered, cosmetically damaged...

New Appliances  | Scratch & Dent Appliances

Scratch & Dent Appliances is the most convenient store in Royston, GA, for new appliances. They have a wide range of new appliances available at...

Scratch & Dent Appliances is the name to remember for appliance repair.

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Scratch & Dent Appliances is the one stop appliance store for every home equipment need in Royston, GA, and the surrounding area. They are also proud to carry many of the latest state-of-the-art appliances from major brands at very affordable prices. This is done by purchasing appliances by the truckload straight from the manufacturer only when the merchandise is right. The store also has strong buying power. This enables Scratch & Dent Appliances to rotate appliance offerings and take advantage of special product purchases. This gives their customers the most budget friendly options on a wide range of brands and appliances.

With impressive inventory and quality products, customers benefit from the store’s incredible selection and their specialized and unrivaled customer service. The store can meet the needs of individuals with time constraints. This is a unique ability that is not commonly associated with appliance purchases. At the same time, they have highly trained staff that will help customers in finding the right appliances that fit their needs and lifestyles. Scratch & Dent Appliances has also taken care to provide customers with information about appliances that is useful and accurate.

One of the top quality services that the company provides is appliance repair. The store has the most knowledgeable and talented technicians in Rosworth, GA, and the surrounding areas. Every repair service conducted at the store is done in a systematic and professional manner. At the same time, the store stocks their inventory with equipment and parts from the most reputable manufacturers on the market. This means customers can place their trust in the appliance store for truly excellent quality. Call or visit Scratch & Dent Appliances right now to save up to 50 percent on selected name brand appliances.